Tumblr Help Can't delete?

Answer Your URL should be like At the times of deletion it shows you the full URL copy paste it and then proceed.

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Avast! scanner found Green AV but I cant delete it because it is password protected, Help?

Turn off the restore program, restart, tap the F8 key, use arrows and enter, select safe mode with networking, get the free, update, do full scan. , restart... Read More »

Help!!! I cant delete this porn file that I downloaded and my girlfriend is back tomorrow?

id love to be a fly on the wall when your girlfriend gets back,pmsl,you know she's gonna kick your A*segood luck,lol

On your ipod touch there is something called demo app and it wont go away you dont have 1.1.3 so you cant delete it can someone help?

just plug it in to your computer then right click the application and press delete. and PRESTO! it will be deleted

Why cant i get any followers on tumblr?

firstly you need to change your theme! it's all over the place and messy when i click on your link. secondly go onto and promote your tumblr and follow people on it as nearly... Read More »