Tulips are done blooming. Now what?

Answer 1. After the tulips bloom allow the leaves to dry up and die. The leaves provide the energy to the bulb for next years flowers. After several years have past, you may need to dig up the bulbs once ... Read More »

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What to Do With Potted Tulips That Are Done Blooming?

Growing tulip bulbs in pots offers many advantages, including portability. You can move pots to sunnier areas to encourage spring growth, and then put them on display elsewhere --- even indoors ---... Read More »

Why do night blooming plants have less colorful flowers than day blooming plants?

Because at night there is less light, so the chlorophyll inside the plant does not give of enough wave lengths of green, so the plant in result turns out less colorful. Answer: Flowers polinated by... Read More »

Do tulips multiply and how long will it take for the tulips to multiply?

Last i checked, tulips were not good at any kind of math.

How to Dye Tulips?

Imagine having a rainbow-colored assortment of fresh tulips to display in your home. Instead of planting or buying several different colored bulbs in your garden, you can dye them yourself using fl... Read More »