Tsunami School Projects?

Answer One of the most dangerous natural disaster conditions along shorelines is the phenomenon known as a tsunami. As a teacher, help students examine various aspects of tsunamis such as where their name... Read More »

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How to Photograph a Tsunami?

A computer graphics megatsunami hitting new york. NOTE: Tsunamis usually don't get this high. An average tsunami doesn't get much higher than a hundred feet. Flickr.comYou've seen photographs of ts... Read More »

How to Evacuate During a Tsunami?

If you live in a place that is due to several of these, then follow these steps to survive and evacuate during one.

How to React During a Tsunami?

Tsunamis are the world's most spectacular water disasters. A huge wave generated by a massive underwater earthquake is called a tsunami. They cause massive destruction to coastal area and many peop... Read More »

How to Prepare for a Tsunami?

Tsunamis are, by definition, a series of waves caused by a massive displacement of water. In general, tsunamis are not particularly threatening, as they constantly happen every day around the world... Read More »