Trying to transfer files via SD card.?

Answer Printer card readers are really only designed to read the card & the images/data on them to print out what you want as long as it's in a format that's compatible, it is not designed to allow saving... Read More »

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How to Transfer Wii Files on a SD Card?

Do you have a Wii, and want to make the most of your purchase by Transferring some Wii files to your SD card? Believe it or not, the Nintendo Wii is very good for file transfers! Just follow these ... Read More »

How to Transfer Files From My Device Memory to the Media Card on a BlackBerry Storm?

You can store files on your BlackBerry Storm smartphone in one of two places: the device's memory or the memory card. BlackBerrys have a relatively small amount of internal memory, especially when ... Read More »

How to Use a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable to Transfer Files?

The Belkin Easy Transfer cable facilitates the transfer of data from an older computer to a Windows 7 machine. Instead of using USB flash drives, external hard drives and optical discs to transfer ... Read More »

How to Transfer WMA Files to MP3 Files in Windows Media Player?

Since Windows Media Player cannot directly convert a WMA to an MP3 file, a roundabout process must be taken to complete this task. In order to transfer a WMA file into a MP3 file, you must first bu... Read More »