Trying to make Mustache, Monocle, and Hat cups cakes. Help! Please and thank you!?

Answer For the hat base I would use a cookie of some sort, like an Oreo. Then I would melt chocolate and mold it into a cylinder using tin foil to make a mold. For the moustache you should melt chocolate ... Read More »

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How to Make Queen Cakes or Fairy Cakes?

Ever wanted to know how to make lovely buns that are BETTER than shop-bought ones? Follow this easy recipe to find out how! (Makes 12) For those in the USA, a fairy cake is the same thing as a cupc... Read More »

Can you get an eye doctor to prescribe you a monocle?

Anyone who refracts you can do that.Warby Parker sells them.The issue is that correcting astigmatism relies on the lens being oriented a certain way, and with a monocle, you can't maintain that rot... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Mustache Wax?

Men use wax to tame and shape unruly mustaches. Wax smooths and holds the hair in place for many types of mustaches, such as the handlebar, imperial, chevron and horseshoe. You can make your own wa... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Mustache Wax?

Homemade mustache wax is simple and easy to make. Though mustache wax is used less commonly today than in its heyday, it can still help provide a sleek, stylized look that may be useful in certain ... Read More »