Trying to make Mustache, Monocle, and Hat cups cakes. Help! Please and thank you!?

Answer For the hat base I would use a cookie of some sort, like an Oreo. Then I would melt chocolate and mold it into a cylinder using tin foil to make a mold. For the moustache you should melt chocolate ... Read More »

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I am trying to make prank phone calls help please!?

Ask if their refrigerator is running.....Ask if they have Prince Albert in a can....Ask them to page Seymour Butts....Better yet, do this to the 911 operator!

Please please please m trying for 4 hours please help..........?

Help please. Someone is trying to hurt me!?

call 911 now..get off of the computer now...please...

I'm trying to sync music to my mp3, please help!?

try holding the one and only button down for like 5 sechonds then the sleep button too together at the sametime for 6+ sechonds. if that doesnt work, do it the other way around, start with sleep b... Read More »