Trying to install a scanner - made for Windows 98 - I have Windows XP?

Answer Go to the scanner manufacturers web site click Support or Downloads and look for your model number. If it was made for 98, your install may be looking for a FAT32 file system. XP uses NTFS

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Trying to install 32 bit game on 32 bit windows vista?

try uninstalling the program before you put the disc in

My pc randomly shuts down whilst trying to install windows 7?

You need to boot it with a boot able disk to see if it is the hard drive or not... If it boots from Linux, windows live, UBD then you know the hard drive is bad...

Do I Have to Uninstall Windows XP to Install Windows 7?

In order to upgrade to Windows 7 on a computer running on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, you do not have to uninstall XP first. Instead, you'll have to select the "Custom" option early on... Read More »

My Onetouch 5800 scanner won't install in windows 8.?

Go to the scanner mfgs website and download the win 8 driver and software.