Trying to install a scanner - made for Windows 98 - I have Windows XP?

Answer Go to the scanner manufacturers web site click Support or Downloads and look for your model number. If it was made for 98, your install may be looking for a FAT32 file system. XP uses NTFS

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Just got a new hp computer and when i went to install my old scanner it says i need windows 95 or 98?

Go to the hp website, and update the driver for your scanner. I'll try to find it for you:Here you go:…Try to download that update, and see if it works.Mak... Read More »

My Onetouch 5800 scanner won't install in windows 8.?

Go to the scanner mfgs website and download the win 8 driver and software.

I cannot install my Benq S2W 3300U scanner on my SP2 Xp windows?

What you are missing is the driver set. has over 400,000 available. Find the highest rated one for your model and OS. Then when it asks for the install CD point it to ... Read More »

Driver for Kodak Pakon F235 plus film scanner for windows 2000 or windows XP?

I'm sure someone on the Rangefinder Forums has the software.…