Trying to hook up my dvd player to tv?

Answer I want to see the answer to this. Maybe Jeremy360 can help.

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I'm trying to burn CDs using Media Player 11 I am getting a error that says connect burner and resart player?

Burn your CD's from itunes, its easy and straightforward. Just go to to download itunes.

Trying to hook up sony dvd to sharp tv.?

If you have enough common sense to log into your computer and come here to ask a question how come you dont have enough common sense to answer this question yourself? Now if your confused because e... Read More »

I am trying to hook my PS3 to a projector not working.?

Well I couldn't find any information on this projector first off. I am not sure what its native output is 480i 480p 720p 1081i or 1080p. You will want to get into the PS3's video settings, so you... Read More »

10 points!!! I need help, I have an old television that I can't hook up a dvd player to, I have to hook?

dvd>vcr line invcr>to tv antenna in (round coax cable-like what delivers cable tv to the house)view on ch 3 or 4 on tv-switch on back of most vcr'splug cable/sat into vcr antenna in