Trying to figure out name of candy i bought in chicago's chinatown?

Answer Probably rice candy... they come in rice wrappers that melt in your mouth.…

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Would the crying woman like a Candy Crowley from CNN at Criss Angels Hummer gig be trying to deceive Vin Jay Leno in trying to steal from 128 333 42 cash to give the cops no whats a masspecometer?

How to Figure Out How Much Candy Is in a Jar?

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Trying to figure out why I cannot sleep, any opinions ?

It's probably anxiety, you should try calms forte sleep aid. It's like a sleeping pill, except all natural and wont get you hooked or any side effects. Works for me, i have terrible anxiety

Trying to figure out how to save a google map to jpeg?

Open the Google Map site on the map you want to save,Hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard (upper right corner of your keyboard.),Press Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> PaintWhen Paint opens... Read More »