Trying to figure out name of candy i bought in chicago's chinatown?

Answer Probably rice candy... they come in rice wrappers that melt in your mouth.…

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How to Figure Out How Much Candy Is in a Jar?

Figuring out how much candy is in a jar is a typical math game that is used by teachers and entertainers alike. This type of problem can be labeled a mathematical problem, a critical thinking probl... Read More »

Just bought a universal jumbo remote from spencers but cant figure out the code for my dynex tv HELP?

You know, all TV's have a set of manual buttons on them somewhere. Try looking under the little door on the front if you don't see any. Find the user's menu and rescan the TV or just use the chan... Read More »

I bought a computer from a yardsale and I can't get into it till I figure out the pass word any ideas?

You can spend hours downloading software to crack it, or take it to Geek Squad and for $30 they will remove it. It takes them about 15 minutes.

What is Chicagos fanciest resturant?

Far and away it's Charlie Trotter. His restaurant staff works at an incredibly high standard to provide ambiance and service that is without peer. The staff is there to meet every reason need or ... Read More »