Trying to download Music off a site like youtube. Plz help?

Answer Err... you don't have to pay for WinRAR, there are many sites that offer the download for free. Only idiots pay $50 for a program as simple as WinRAR when there are much better alternatives for fre... Read More »

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All rightey. I hate to say "my answer is the best" but it is because it uses free, open-source software only. No bloated RealPlayer or suspicious websites, just Firefox.First of all, get Firefox (o... Read More »

How to download videos from youtube site?

Real player. TO learn windows secrets click on my picture and under "visit my website" is a link to windows secrets

What is the best site to download music?

www.torrentspy.comwww.bitlord.comBest ones! I use daily

What is the best site to download music from?

I have subscribed to Rhapsody for years. I highly recommend it you do not have to purchase tracks as long as you are up to date with your subscription. If you are even late or your payment gets dec... Read More »