Trying to decide which TV to buy. Plasma vs LCD and 1080p vs 720P...?

Answer I would think plasma I got a small one it was getting old and lost the sound so I got a real big idea on this and I hooked it up for a monitor for my computer it works great just a little more work... Read More »

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I'm about to buy a plasma tv, should i get a reasonably priced 720p or spend the extra for 1080p?

(depending on how much the price varies of course, but say its over 100 difference) I would say unless you have Hi Def television, the TV is huge, and you have a blu-ray player, dont worry about it... Read More »

What is the difference between 1080p, 720p/60fps, 720p, WVGA Which is best for a close-up video?

1080p & 720p are the two tiers of High Definition, video that has 3 to 6 times the resolution of a traditional old TV, (but all TVs are HD now, anyway.720p/60fps records twice the about of frames p... Read More »

Is a difference in 720p/1080p TV pictures even though networks are in 720p?

I'm afraid that weeder is right. The coax & satelite networks do not have the bandwidth to transmit content at 1080p. You, the paying consumer, would have to pay more than two times what you are pa... Read More »

Which is better 1080p or 720p?

Well Zac - I own a Samsung LCD-LED HDTV 1080p 55". Let me say that switching back from HDMI to RCA Composite or RCA Component really displeases me. Composite will blur my screen to no tomorrow, mak... Read More »