Trying to be a vegetarian...?

Answer Did you know that our grains and nuts are allowed to have a certain number of bug and animal parts in them?No one really wants to see their food being made unless mom is making it. Now, relax on t... Read More »

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If im trying to be a vegetarian can i eat fish?

Vegetarians do not eat animals.Fish are animals.Vegetarians do not eat fish.

How do I tell my parents I am trying to go vegetarian?

just say i looked at and they kill animals very harshlyso i dont want to eat meat anymore. thats what i did.and anyway there is meat replacements like tofu. good luck! :]

I Need Help.. I'm Trying To Become Vegetarian!?

What on earth are you trying to do?I hope the headaches aren't caused by any of this.People often harm themselves by not knowing enough about health requirements for our bodies, and that goes for b... Read More »

I'm trying to be Vegetarian, but what store sells Tofu?

Perhaps they would carry it if you asked them. I know for a fact that the Food Lion where I live does have it, although a limited selection of it, it's next to the bagged salads. And I live in a sm... Read More »