Trying to avoid someones breath?

Answer I feel exactly the same as you. It's the thought of breathing in someone's poisonous breath - oh it makes me cringe! The only difference may be that in the summer I am watchful of people spitting... Read More »

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How can you tell if someone is trying to steal someones girlfriend?

Look at how the person acts around the girlfriend. If they flirt and they aren't just a normal flirt or even if they are they may flirt even more. Look at how they make eye contact. Many people fli... Read More »

How to Avoid a Wet Breath?

A "wet breath" is defined as taking in water together with air through the regulator while you breathe. If it's just a little bit of water, it's annoying. But if it's more, it can make the regulato... Read More »

How to Avoid Bad Breath With a Tongue Piercing?

You might love the idea of a tongue ring, but not the possibility of the bad breath it can cause. Because tongue rings pierce the tongue and use a piece of jewelry, the incidence of food particles ... Read More »

If you are on someones car insurance policy will you have to be taken off of that person's policy before trying to get car insurance of you own?