Trying to access web server from outside world, shows 403 error?

Answer I searched Y! Answers, up in the middle of page, on 403 error, this what I found..403 Forbidden Problems are caused by misconfigured system files.So, from my experience, If you got 403 Forbidden Pr... Read More »

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How to Fix a DDE Server Error?

The DDE Server Error is a general error message for a variety of DDE Server Windows errors. The error signals a malfunctioning program or software. To fix a DDE Server Error message or DDE Server W... Read More »

What is a DNS server error?

A DNS server error is an issue with a person's computer or Internet connection communicating with a website. According to Webopedia, DNS stands for Domain Name System which converts a web address i... Read More »

Server Connect Error?

Error depends on whether you are using FTP or SMB for the file transfer. The copier supports both. If one method is giving you trouble, you could switch to the other. If you are using SMB on a Wind... Read More »

Google server error what up?

Same thing happen'd to me on YouTube every time i click a video It sends me to a page that says Server ErrorThe server encountered a temporary error please try again in 30 secondsSince im using Goo... Read More »