Try this and be Amazed! tell me what you see?

Answer the first #, (X,X) is the # of paragraphs. the second # is the number of times its repeted in each paragraph. ( I figured it out after I tried it)

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Can some one please tell me what type of sushi this is in this pic?

What can you tell about this Moving Prices on this web site NY, NJ, CT States?

Seems you are seeking evaluation, I do have some expertise in this area.Color okay, dark green might be better, easier to read.Hot link to website, but not to looks cheap, why not @ali... Read More »

Amazed at these PICTURES. Roads. How?

That is time lapse still photography, where the shutter is left open for several seconds. In the second picture the traffic going one way is completely stopped so we only see the lights of the othe... Read More »

Would you look at this photo and tell me what this line before the crosswalk means when you are driving?

That is where cars are supposed to stop so they don't block the crosswalk.