Trustworthiness Of Wikipedia Contents?

Answer This is a very common question, and since Wikipedia is open source, there is always the possibility of an erroneous post. For the most part, a lot of the information is valid, however you couldn't ... Read More »

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How to Add a Wikipedia Contents Page?

The Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, launched Wikipedia in 2001. Larry Sanger created the term, which is a combination of "wiki," meaning "quick," and "encyclopedia." Sange... Read More »

How do I make a table of contents (like on Wikipedia)?

Your question isn't about Wikipedia, it's about Google Sites. So, I would suggest that you move it to the Google section of Yahoo! Answers, where you'll probably get a better answer. Or, even bet... Read More »

How to do that hide thing in contents like in wikipedia?

How to Model Trustworthiness to a Child?

Modelling various forms of behavior to a child can leave a permanent mark or dent when developing a child's character. Social influence is crucial. Just as adults learn from one another, children i... Read More »