Troy-Built Garden Tiller Vs. Mantis Tiller?

Answer Tillers rotate garden soil and prepare it for planting, making it easier to dig holes for seeds and seedlings. Mantis and Troy-Bilt both manufacture multiple models of gasoline-powered garden tille... Read More »

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How much hp does a 208cc Troy-Bilt rear tine garden tiller engine have?

This is a good question and nobody knows for sure. A 5 HP Briggs engine is 160 cc so by ration the 208 cc engine would be rated at 6.5 HP. However, their are no Nebraska Tractor Tests made on small... Read More »

How do I use a Mantis tiller?

Start the EnginePlace your tiller where you would like to begin tilling. Start the engine by turning the "On/Off" switch to the "On" position. Depress the purge bulb five to eight times to get fuel... Read More »

Mantis tiller questions?

I had the same issues with the nuts on mine, I put loctight on them and it soled the problem, but if you ever need to take it apart it is near impossible. and yes you will have to pull out the cho... Read More »

Mantis Tiller Facts?

The Mantis tiller is a gardening tool. It is a tiller, which is a type of lever that is connected to a boat's rudder post in order to provide leverage. Mantis tillers are known for being particular... Read More »