Troubleshooting the GM HEI Distributor?

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Troubleshooting a HEI Distributor for a 6-Cylinder '77 GM?

The high energy ignition distributor on your 1977 General Motors 6-cylinder engine is what routs the initial high-voltage spark into the spark plugs, igniting the fuel system. Without the distribut... Read More »

How to Become an RC Distributor?

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How to Set Up a HEI Distributor?

Setting up a HEI distributor in your vehicle is fairly simple, provided you connect the spark plug wires in the correct order. Additionally, the engine itself needs to be in a certain position for ... Read More »

What Happens When Your Distributor Cap Goes Bad?

The distributor cap, the top part of a car's distributor that regulates the engine's firing order, serves as an integral part of an automotive ignition system. When the distributor begins to fail, ... Read More »