Troubleshooting for a Cake Decorating Airbrush?

Answer You can create a culinary work of art simply by airbrushing the white surface of a smoothly frosted cake. Before you begin working on the cake decorating process, it is important that you troublesh... Read More »

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How to Make a Cake Decorating Bag?

Cake decorating often includes writing, flowers, and other designs on the top of a baked and frosted cake. It takes practice to become good at creating a professional look. If you plan to decorate ... Read More »

How to Feather and Fan (Cake Decorating)?

This is a very easy decorating method for a cake but it's incredibly effective. Feathering and fanning is simply the actions of drawing lines of icing across an already iced background in a feather... Read More »

Fun Cup Cake Decorating Ideas?

Fun cupcake decorating ideas have inspired entire magazines and books. Frosting, icing, candies and fruit can combine to create amazing cupcake designs. The most elaborate decorations include fonda... Read More »

Cake decorating courses please help!?

have you tried looking for videos and dvds, there are quite a few, and they are handy because you see the work done and it is always there for you. Try squires kitchen on line. there are nichola... Read More »