Troubleshooting a 1996 Audi Transmission?

Answer If your 1996 Audi is leaking or producing a burning smell when the engine is running, it may have a transmission problem. Instead of spending time and money taking your Audi to a mechanic, you can ... Read More »

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Troubleshooting a 1996 Honda Accord Transmission?

The Honda Accord is a well-built car that usually will give you many years without problems, but over time you might have trouble with your transmission. While you might think that you need to repl... Read More »

Audi Overheating Troubleshooting?

Audi of Germany only manufactures water-cooled internal combustion engines for automobiles. As such, any overheating problem with the engine will be related to the coolant system. "Cool" for a runn... Read More »

How to Cut Coil Springs on a 1996 Audi A6?

You can give your Audi A6 a more aggressive look by lowering its stance. Cutting the coil springs that are a part of your A6's suspension is an easy and cheap way to lower the car without purchasin... Read More »

How to Replace the Battery for a 1996 Audi A6 Wagon?

The battery for a 1996 Audi A6 wagon is located under the seat. Replacing the battery will require taking the seat cushion out of the car. The battery is only designed to last three to four years. ... Read More »