Troubleshooting Shock Absorbers?

Answer Bouncy rides and poor handling are good indicators of failing shock absorbers, but they are not the only indicators. You can quickly determine if you need new shocks by conducting a simple test in ... Read More »

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When to Buy Shock Absorbers?

Just as unavoidable as death and taxes is the fact that, eventually, you will need to buy new shocks for your vehicle and have them installed. Shocks ensure that your car or truck handles comfortab... Read More »

What Are Struts & Shock Absorbers?

Struts are used in most modern suspensions and combine the task of suspending the vehicle's weight and controlling wheel movement. A shock absorber is part of the strut assembly and is used to cont... Read More »

How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

Shock absorbers prevent excess movement of a vehicle's body and suspension system. They eliminate bouncing and provide stability in the vehicle for safe maneuvering. How long shock absorbers will l... Read More »

How to Install Gas Shock Absorbers?

Installing gas shock absorbers yourself will save you money. Gas shock absorbers contain nitrogen that limits the amount of foam that can build up in a traditional shock. This increases their abili... Read More »