Troubleshooting Shock Absorbers?

Answer Bouncy rides and poor handling are good indicators of failing shock absorbers, but they are not the only indicators. You can quickly determine if you need new shocks by conducting a simple test in ... Read More »

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How to Install Gas Shock Absorbers?

Installing gas shock absorbers yourself will save you money. Gas shock absorbers contain nitrogen that limits the amount of foam that can build up in a traditional shock. This increases their abili... Read More »

History of Shock Absorbers?

A shock absorber is a device used to smooth jolts or shocks and to disperse kinetic energy. Shock absorbers are crucial in motorcycle and automobile suspension, in landing gear for aircraft and as ... Read More »

Types of Shock Absorbers?

Shock absorbers are an important part of any vehicle. They make it possible for the vehicle to travel over rough surfaces without damaging the car. The main purpose of a shock absorber in a vehicle... Read More »

How Shock Absorbers Work?

V-belts have a cross section resembling a "V." The narrow end of the "V" taper sits inside the groove of a taper wheel. This increases the contact area between the pulley and the belt. During use t... Read More »