Troubleshooting Dodge RAM Cluster Lights Tail Lights?

Answer The tail lights on your Dodge Ram are organized in a "cluster light." That means the brake light, backup light and turn signal light are all contained in the same tail light assembly. As the tail l... Read More »

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CRV Tail Lights Troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting the tail lights on your Honda CRV is a simple process. If only one bulb on your tail light is malfunctioning, the issue is most likely with the bulb. If none of the bulbs on your ta... Read More »

Toyota Troubleshooting: No Tail Lights?

Troubleshooting a Toyota that has no working tail lights requires a basic knowledge of electrical automotive wiring and can usually be done by trial and error in a matter of minutes. These steps w... Read More »

How to Change Cluster Lights on a Dodge Ram?

Changing the cluster lights on your Dodge can appear to be a lot of work. While you do need to remove several panels from the dash of your Dodge to remove the cluster, the task is not difficult. Th... Read More »

Troubleshooting Tail Lights in a 1993 Maxima?

Troubleshooting the tail lights on your 1993 Nissan Maxima involves checking the electrical connections, replacing the bulbs and replacing any broken fuses. If your tail lights are malfunctioning f... Read More »