Troubleshooting Auto Transmission Problems?

Answer Transmission problems are often seen as being expensive to repair. This sometimes results from putting off repairs that might not cost as much when dealt with early on. Troubleshooting transmission... Read More »

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Troubleshooting C6 Transmission Problems?

Ford's C6 transmission was first produced in 1966 and was used primarily in trucks and for high-performance big block engines. The C6 consists primarily of a torque converter, a planetary gear trai... Read More »

Troubleshooting Auto Starting Problems?

If there is a good cranking circuit in the car and it spins over but fails to start, there are three fundamental systems that must work properly and should be checked. The fuel and air management i... Read More »

Problems With Hard Shifting on an Auto Transmission?

The transmission uses a special hydraulic fluid under pressure to engage a series of forward gears and one reverse gear, basically transferring the power from the engine to the rear wheels. It has ... Read More »

Can you claim engine or transmission problems on full coverage state farm auto insurance?

No, unless it is part of a collision, theft, or vandalism. This is assuming you have those type of incidents covered. Typical auto insurance (even full coverage) does not cover normal wear and tear.