Trouble with Television... can you help?

Answer Why do you need a TV in your bedroom...???I'm sure you have other things you could be for your spelling...see me later..xxEDIT...Luv the T/D...

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If I've had trouble with my FAFSA this year, will I likely have trouble with it in the future?

1. Do the worksheet on paper first before you even get online to do it. While filing it out, if you have questions on the form about specific line items call the 800 number and ask about it. Then... Read More »

Having trouble with my twins, PLEASE HELP!!?

I would go with cherrios in the bottle, they have a hole in so they wont choke. You are going to need to cut a big hole in the teat though.I think you should offer then fanta orange in one of their... Read More »

Help with a very old television.?

Your best solution is a sledge hammer. You see, you have to aim to the center of the screen, but wait it is a precise move and may require some supervision. Goggles are recommended.chau

I am having an argument with my husband, help me!How do you measure a television screen to get the inches.?

GET THE LONGEST measuring tape you can find, wrap it AROUND the entite TV at the thickest point. Then take that number, divide it into 124.573, take THAT sum and multiply it with the square root, s... Read More »