Trouble with Macro - Sony Alpha 350 DSLR?

Answer The macro scene mode found on most entry-level DSLRs only set the camera settings to give desirable results (activates flash, adjusts sharpening and contrast, etc.) with a close up or macro lens; i... Read More »

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How good is the Sony Alpha DSLR A100?

I had a Sony point and shoot camera for a couple of years after which it was burned out after only about ten thousand images. Sony is into electronics, not cameras. What I liked about the camera wa... Read More »

How to adjust the shutter speed of Sony alpha 200 DSLR?

Assuming you want Shutter Priority.Turn on the camera.Change the dial on the top left of the camera body to "S".Look at the button that you press to take a photo on the top right of the camera, you... Read More »

Which DSLR camera should I get Sony Alpha 500 or Olympus E620?

In my opinion the Sony A500 is the better choice. It has in-camera image stabilization and a focus motor. You can use every legacy Minolta Maxxum AF lens made since 1985 on it so your lens selectio... Read More »

I have a JVC Everio GZ-E10, will a Fisheye + Macro For Sony Alpha NEX-5 NEX-3 NEX5 fits over 18-55mm, 16mm len?

Hi Kevin,I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking,but here are some facts :Thread / filter size of the sony 18-55 and 16 mm is 49 mm.The JVC Everio GZ-E10 has no lens thread by my knowl... Read More »