Trouble setting up scanner?

Answer 1. Install driver and software that came with scanner (on a CD or DVD) 2. Connect scanner to computer3. Turn both on4. Go to Control Panel to install said scanner.

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I am having trouble setting up my cable connection......?

Kate,Your cable modem is a separate deal. When they installed it, they should have split the signal (with a special splitter) that sent modem information to the mode, and left TV signal available ... Read More »

Using reg paper still having trouble scanning coupons at store is there a good setting that could help this?

You may also want to check your black ink in your printer. You may want to try printing the coupon in "Grayscale" or black and white.One last option may be to print the coupon to a PDF using PDF pr... Read More »

Having trouble with my scanner?

Maybe only the newer models have the function to 'print' via the scanner functions. It properly only allows you to print by the computer which the message is then sent to the printer

I'm having trouble with Visioneer Strobe 500 scanner?

1. Please right click on your "My Computer or Computer" icon and choose "Manage"..2. Click on Services and Applicationss, Choose Services3. In the "Services" window , scroll down to "Windows ImageA... Read More »