Trouble printing image of document?

Answer Take a screen shot of the window taht the cheque is visible in... use alt-PrtSc (hold down alt, press PrtSc, release both. Then paste the clipboard into Paint or any other image manipulation progra... Read More »

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How to Convert a low resolution image to a high resolution image for printing?

You need to shrink the picture down and take a High Def pic of it. DxO has something, never tried it, but here is the URL: "" it has a trial or you can p... Read More »

Help! I'm having trouble printing from my new printer?

maybe if you gave the name of the printer and the operating system you are using maybe i can help!

Having trouble printing pages from the internet?

try highlighting the text or writing you want to print and then right clicking and pressing the print button.hope this is helpful.

Help with printing document correctly?

You can try google docs online at You can highlight all the text in the document on your computer (hitting ctrl-A selects all the text) and pasting it in the form on google docs. ... Read More »