Trouble downloading songs from

Answer Click to authorize a device and see if MediaMonkey is one of the choices. Every dialog that opens has a cancel button or an X in the right corner so you can always exit if you need to.

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How do I download songs to my Ipod without downloading itunes to my computer and without downloading songs fro?

Is downloading songs from limewire legal?

There are no sites (Limewire included) where you can download copyrighted material and remain legal. It is outright theft. You don't have a high risk of being caught and prosecuted because of the s... Read More »

Is downloading songs from YouTube illegal?

Downloading songs from YouTube is illegal. This is due to the fact that YouTube is a streaming service, not a download service, which means that downloading videos in any form is against the terms ... Read More »

Is downloading songs from Lime wire illegal?

Yes, downloading anything that you did not pay for from Limewire, or any other peer-to-peer program is illegal, because the artist should be getting money for copies of their album/from websites wh... Read More »