Trouble Codes for the 1996 Dodge 3500 Ram Van Engine?

Answer The 1996 Dodge Ram Van is a large, cargo-style van with over 207 cubic feet of storage space and room for eight passengers. The Ram comes standard with a 35 gallon fuel tank, 175 horsepower and a t... Read More »

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How to Read and Manually Check Engine Codes on a Dodge 3500 Truck?

Reading and checking engine codes on your Dodge 3500 truck requires a special tool called an ODB scan tool. The Dodge 3500 uses an on-board diagnostic computer to generate and store error codes gen... Read More »

How to Manually Retrieve Trouble Codes on a 1996 Oldsmobile?

You can manually retrieve the trouble codes on your '96 Oldsmobile right from your home garage using an OBD II code reader. These can be purchased at any auto parts store. The On-Board Diagnostics ... Read More »

How to Unplug the Battery to Reset the Engine Light on a Dodge RAM 3500?

The check engine light appears when there's a problem with the emission control system on your Dodge Ram 3500. You need to take your truck to a qualified mechanic to have the trouble code read with... Read More »

Trouble Codes for a 2001 Dodge RAM?

You can retrieve and rest the trouble codes for your 2001 Dodge Ram right from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. The Ram comes standard with an On-Board Diagnostics II computer -- O... Read More »