Tropical Tree With Red Nuts or Fruit?

Answer Tropical trees, or trees that thrive in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's southernmost plant hardiness zones, provide height and texture to the landscape. Trees with red fruits or nuts add anoth... Read More »

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How do I graft a tropical fruit tree?

ScionsCut foot-long green wood branches from the ends of the desired cultivar in early spring. These are called scions. Use a grafting blade, and make sure that the cut is at a deep angle (about 30... Read More »

How to Identify a Tropical Fruit?

Tropical fruits come in outrageous, unpredictable shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Imagine a range from the dragon fruit -- with a hot pink skin and floppy scales -- to the jakfruit, the largest... Read More »

Tropical Fruit Bushes?

A benefit of living in a tropical area is the large number of exotic, fruit-bearing plants that can be cultivated. Some of them even grow as shrubs rather than large trees and can be grown in small... Read More »

How do you cut tropical dragon fruit?

Prepare the Dragon Fruit for CuttingSit the dragon fruit onto a cutting board. Remove the scales around the dragon fruit. Use a paring knife to aid you in this process.Cut the Dragon FruitCut the d... Read More »