Tropical Savanna Stargrass?

Answer Also known as African stargrass or giant stargrass, Stargrass (Cynodon spp.) is a warm-season tropical grass that belongs to the bermudagrass family. The perennial grass is adaptable to a wide rang... Read More »

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Points of Interest in the Tropical Savanna?

The word "savanna" was an American Indian word for the plains, which during the Spanish conquests, came to mean "land with much grass." Large tropical savannas are found in South America, Africa an... Read More »

Tropical Savanna Biome Plants?

Savannas are large areas of grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs. The tropical savannas, as the name suggests, are tropical grasslands which occur in a broad band on either side of the equato... Read More »

What is the average rainfall in a tropical savanna?

Savannas are grasslands with few trees or shrubs and are found in warm or humid climates. The annual rainfall in a savanna is about 50.8 to 127 centimeters (20 to 50 inches) per year, concentrated ... Read More »

What Animals in the Tropical Savanna Fight for Space?

The savanna has very many species. Most animals are overprotective of their territories. If another species tries to invade their territory, they will usually fight to defend it. Although most spec... Read More »