Tropical Flowers, Trees & Vines to Plant?

Answer If you want to create a tropical garden, there are many flowers, trees and vines that grow beautifully in hot, humid climates. Tropical flowers grow on shrubs, vines or by themselves. Palm trees an... Read More »

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What are some tropical looking plants, trees or bushes with ORANGE flowers?

Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis), Freesia grandiflora, Crocosmia aruea, Tritonia disticha, Scadoxus puniceus, many of the aloes, Glads (Gladioulus dalenii), Ericas etc. to name a few.

Can you plant flowers around pine trees?

On One Hand: Contrasting LandscapePlanting flowers under pine trees can be a good use of your garden space that would otherwise be wasted. Colorful flowers growing beneath a pine tree create a diff... Read More »

How to Grow Tropical Vines?

Tropical vines do not tolerate the cold. They are often grown only in central to southern Florida, southern California and other year-round warm climates. This need not be the case; you can grow tr... Read More »

Trailing Vines That Have Little Flowers on Them?

Trailing vines are useful in your landscaping because they take up little ground area and grow rapidly. Many varieties have small flowers in ranges of colors. Trailing vines are useful in shading p... Read More »