Tropical Air Plants?

Answer Air plants grow directly on other plants and rocks without any soil, but they are not parasitic. They get all their nutrients from leaf debris and bird droppings that land in their root systems. Th... Read More »

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Thorny Tropical Plants?

Thorny tropical plants are not a common preference in the average domestic garden, but some people do like to grow them around the entrance to their property as a deterrent against intruders. Some ... Read More »

Tropical Succulent Plants?

A succulent plant adapts to dry climate and soil by storing water in its leaves, stems and roots. These plants, which are also referred to as "fat plants," often grow in tropical environments and h... Read More »

Tropical Hedging Plants?

Species suitable for growing into hedges tend to be fast growing and respond to pruning with vigorous new growth. Hedges should be pruned with the base wider than the top to allow light to penetrat... Read More »

Colorful Tropical Plants?

Many of the houseplants people enjoy growing have tropical origins. Some produce colorful flowers, such as orchids, and others sport foliage in a variety of hues. If you live in climate zone 10 or ... Read More »