Trompe L' oeil Tips?

Answer Trompe L'oeil (English translation: deceive the eye) is a painting technique utilizing highlights and shadows. While definitely a challenging medium, it can be mastered by artists with either year... Read More »

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What does trompe l'oeil mean?

Tromp l'oeil is French for "trick of the eye" and describes an art technique where the artist is able to make a painted object appear real. The employment of perspective in Italian Renaissance art ... Read More »

Small Engine Tech Tips & Carburetor Tips?

A small engine is a complex mechanism, and things can and do go wrong. When something goes wrong, the engine will be hard to start, sputter, lose power or stall out. By using some simple diagnostic... Read More »

Bougainvillea flowers tips are drying and discoloration on the tips.?

It's perfectly normal for the older flowers to loose their color and fall off. Eventually, all the flowers on all your plants will fall off. Then, they will need to be pruned and fertilized with a ... Read More »

Why in USA, they add Graduity and Tips on the food bills Tips is usually our decision, to pay or not.?

That's only at certain restaurants, usually upscale ones.It's likely that they pay their waiters&waitressesreal well and they promise them good tips. To retain them for a long time.-