Trolling Motor Dual Battery Wiring?

Answer Trolling motors operate on low revolutions, which can mean that if you're using a lot of electrical equipment on board your trolling vessel your battery may not get charged properly. A simple but e... Read More »

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How Often Should I Recharge My Trolling Motor Battery?

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What Kind of Battery is Needed for a Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor requires a deep cell marine battery because unlike a car battery, deep cell batteries are designed for repeated deep (complete)

How long does it take to charge a trolling motor battery?

Any trolling motor battery that is below 50 percent should be given a slow, low-amp charge for 24 hours. Most battery chargers have monitoring systems that show how many amps are in the battery wh... Read More »

DIY Dual Battery Wiring?

A single battery is capable of providing direct current (DC) electrical power to a wide array of electrical devices. However, there are times where one battery cannot satisfy the needs of an electr... Read More »