Trojan warning Can any one help?

Answer i have neither the time or inclination to help users of AVG.Don't you ever read anything before you click is some free information for all you AVG free lovers.AVG Free contains ba... Read More »

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This is more of a warning TROJAN VIRUS ALERT?

Yes, that and others like it have been around for a while it seems. I'm always leery about clicking on any and every link that I find in an e-mail. There are some programs which will scan a link be... Read More »

I've got a spyware on my pc. i get a warning saying that Trojan.W32.Looksky has been detected on my pc.?

This is not a problem at all. Here's what you need to do.1st, don't waste your time with AVG, spybot, ad aware, CA, spyhunter, superantispyware, avast, panda, kaspersky, spyware blaster, spyware gu... Read More »

Warning!!! Will you be flashing now My employer issued the following warning to all staff to pass on.?

A brill urban legend!Pity it's not true..I'd fancy the challenge......I'd just drive down to Salford precinct!

HELP! on my desktop it says "WARNING! you're in danger!"?

This sounds like you are infected...but not by a virus so you are still ok. What this is ,is adware. An advertisement is putting that warning on your PC.I had those all the time even with Norton. I... Read More »