Trojan Horse Virus problem D: Win32:Delf-MZG?

Answer First of all. you only run ONE av propgram at a time, in real time. If it misses anything, Most peeps use these two.. free. Read More »

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What does a Trojan horse virus do?

It shoots a bunch of trojan condoms out of your computer.

I have some Trojan Horse Virus on my pc how do i get rid of them once and for all.?

How to Clean Up a Trojan Horse Virus?

Receiving a Trojan horse may seem like a disaster, but you can extract it, without damaging your computer. Tech wizards and fancy programs can remove the Trojan for you, at a prince, but removing t... Read More »

What is a computer virus and a trojan horse?

Computer viruses are programs that infect software and files on a computer. How this happens and what the results are depend greatly on the type of virus and the specific code within that virus. Vi... Read More »