Trojan Fakealert please help!!!!?

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How to Get Rid of Fakealert Trojan?

The Fakealert Trojan virus installs itself without your permission and can download different spyware applications, such as fake antispyware programs, to your hard drive. Fakealert changes the desk... Read More »

How to Remove the Win32 Fakealert Trojan?

The Fakealert, or Win32 Fakealert, Trojan horse virus infects computers through malicious downloads. Like all Trojan viruses, it runs a program once inside your computer. In this case, Fakealert do... Read More »

Virus problem - Trojan.Fakealert.5?

Your not alone ^_^.. Dont worry BitDefender got a Certificate Breach meaning all the files got false positive response as of now they are fixing the problem for the next update just wait for the ne... Read More »

Help me please!! What is Trojan!?

Don't listen to the two below.. -_- trojans are very bad and here is an example: a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful; "the contents of a trojan can be a viru... Read More »