Troj_Generic.DIT Virus False Positive?

Answer Some anti-malware software may consider any third-party software which deals with keystrokes as potentially dangerous, so in this sense it may be a false positive. On the other hand, one of KeyScra... Read More »

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Can you have a false positive?

False positives are incredibly rare on pregnancy tests. The test looks for a hormone (hcg) that's only present in your body in measurable amounts when you're pregnant. It is possible, if you're u... Read More »

False positive hiv test?

ONe reason for the false positive is because the test result was not conclusive. Means that the person performing the test or the test kit used were somehow at fault. Normally ELISA test is used fo... Read More »

Dehydrated & False Positive Diabetes?

Diabetes is an illness that affects metabolism by hindering the body's ability to process and use glucose for energy despite the high presence of glucose in the blood. Dehydration is a possible fac... Read More »

What can cause false positive test results for THC?

An average drug test looks for concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) above 20 to 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood to consider a person "positive" for marijuana. However, a drug test some... Read More »