Tripping shrooms alone first time?

Answer The best way to tell if a shroom is still potent is to press it firmly against your rectum, if you feel a tingling sensation then the shroom is still good to go. The rectum is nerve endings that se... Read More »

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I just did shrooms for my first time?

How much shrooms should i have forst time?

3.5 grams if you want the real trip. If you are scared you will have a bad trip or want to see how it will be then take 1.5

UM What are SHROOMS?

Shrooms are hallucinogenic mushrooms contain psilcybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Shrooms are incredible and nearly non-toxic too. By incredible I mean it can be the best experience of your life or... Read More »

What is lsd, acid or shrooms like?

I did lsd and salvia divinorum. Dont do salvia, it's bad stuff, unless you want to feel that you are in HELL and the world around you is melting and pulling apart, coupled with the feeling of impe... Read More »