Tricks to Make Your Eyelashes Bigger?

Answer The eyes provide definition and personality to the face. Your eyelashes are an accessory to your eyes and can be played up to make them look bigger. By using proper makeup application techniques an... Read More »

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Does anyone know any tricks to make your eyelashes longer?

Any makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger?

There a few that I can say that has worked by personal experience! 1) Put white or light peachy eyeliner on your bottom waterline. It gives the illusion that the whites of your eyes are extended, a... Read More »

Tricks to Making Your Diamond Look Bigger?

Not everyone can afford to buy large diamonds. Yet many women like the way a big diamond looks. If your budget limits you to only being able to afford something on the smaller size, keep some trick... Read More »

How can you lose weight but make your boobs bigger or look bigger?

Answer you will still lose your boobs and butt if you lose weight(for some people)but you can try and do ab workouts and leg workouts to still keep you lean and toned in those areas