Tricks to Look Thinner?

Answer If you are feeling down in the dumps about your weight, your clothing can help you in many ways. Pieces can slim you down dramatically, and make you look like you lost 10 pounds. There are many tri... Read More »

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Tricks to Make the Nose Look Thinner?

When you have a large nose, there's no way to hide it--not like big ears or a few extra pounds in your middle. The trick is to simply have people focus on another part of your anatomy. A big nose c... Read More »

Tricks to Making Your Face Appear Thinner?

As a woman with a round face, plump cheeks or full frame, you may be seeking creative ways to make your face appear thinner. By applying some simple styling techniques, you can create a look that y... Read More »

Is lacquer thinner the same as paint thinner?

Lacquer thinner is not the same as paint thinner. Lacquer thinners, which consist of different mixtures of solvents mixed by different manufacturers, are used to thin automotive paint and lacquer. ... Read More »

How does one go about making one's self look thinner?

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