Tricks to Get Rid of Acne?

Answer Though there are thousands of tricks to quickly get rid of acne, most are just old wives' tales. Many products may claim instant results, but acne is not the sort of problem that can be cured overn... Read More »

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Quick tricks to getting rid of acne?

Be skin product conscious. Some products promise you the earth, moon and stars but most times you may not be aware of how sensitive your skin might be to that particular product. So be careful what... Read More »

Any acne tricks that you swear by?

Yess - i swear this worked for me in 1 day.i put ice in water and put a spoon in there and left it for a bit .. about 5-10 mins.then hold it against the spot you want rid of .. keep it there for a ... Read More »

Tricks to Help Acne Clear?

Acne affects many people, adults and teenagers alike. It's an embarrassing condition that some people have trouble seeking help for. One cure won't work for everyone because not everyone has the sa... Read More »

Will Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide cream help to prevent acne and fade acne marks?

I have never heard of it. However, you should try Clean and Clear. I have used it, and it works wonders trust me. :)