Tricks on How to Get a Subpoena Delivered?

Answer A subpoena is an order from the court that requires someone to appear in court on a specific day to testify and/or produce evidence in a legal case. If a witness doesn't comply with the subpoena, h... Read More »

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Subpoena Vs. Warrant?

A warrant and subpoena have some similarities. For instance, they are legal documents involving legally ordering a person to comply with a court order. The documents, however, aren't used in that s... Read More »

How to Hand Someone a Subpoena?

Handing someone a subpoena is a legal way to insist someone attends court to either testify or show evidence you typically do not have access to. Any person 18 and older who is not involved in the ... Read More »

How to Get a Subpoena in Michigan?

You can get a subpoena in Michigan from the clerk of court at the request of an attorney. A subpoena requires you to to testify in a legal setting or to provide certain documentation to a court pro... Read More »

How Do I Get a Subpoena in Iowa?

Iowa Rule of Civil Procedure 1.1701 addresses the procedure for issuing subpoenas in the state. In general, Iowa law allows parties of cases pending in the state to obtain subpoenas to compel witne... Read More »