Trick or Treat Wil you give me some of?

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Would you give something else beside candies to the kids for trick or treat?

My next door neighbor is a dentist and he hands out coupons for a free dental cleaning. He's one of the most popular houses on the block.

How to Trick or Treat?

Halloween is the time to dress up as your favorite character and go trick-or-treating. Here are some tips for a successful trick-or-treating experience.

How to Trick or Treat As a Teen?

Trick-or-treat!?Most teenagers would rather go to a party than trick-or-treat. There are some though that go against this norm for one specific reason: free candy! This reason definitely has to go ... Read More »

How to Trick or Treat Safely?

By now, you've probably picked out your Halloween costume, you know how to trick or treat, and are ready to collect ten pounds of candy from houses nearby. However, do you know how to trick or trea... Read More »