Tribal Cross Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Cross tattoos are popular among many people who are both religious and want to recognize their heritage by wearing a cross on their bodies as art. The many different types of cross tattoos represen... Read More »

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Tribal Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas?

A 2006 Pew Research survey reported that approximately 40 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo. The popularity of tattoos especially among young people is also resulting in an increased nu... Read More »

Cross Tattoo Ideas?

Choosing the best tattoo requires you to feel comfortable with the design, placement and meaning you associate with the piece. There are many religious and cultural references to cross symbols. The... Read More »

Cool Cross Tattoo Ideas?

The cross is an ancient symbol used in cultures around the world. One of its most famous incarnations is as a representation of the crucifix on which Jesus Christ was tortured. Many people get cros... Read More »

What kind of tribal tattoo should I get?

To the guy above me tattoos arnt all about meanings most are actualy because people like them example i have a unicorn head in my armpit it has no meening and everyone loves it, as for the tribal i... Read More »