Triathlete trying to keep my muscle mass?

Answer Your best bet is to keep your diet high in nutrients and proteins,so your body doesn't end up 'eating' your muscles to use as fuel.So get packed with carbs before a run,and eat something high in pr... Read More »

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No More Muscle Mass, I need help?

Hi Jamaal.. I'd say probably stick to the weight you push now instead of increasing the weight otherwise your muscles are going to keep growing to adjust to the weight that you are pushing.If you a... Read More »

Best supplement to gain muscle mass ?

Exercise. I know, that's the obvious answer, but I wanted to preface with that first... without exercise, no supplement will make you gain muscle.As far as supplements to take with exercise, any ty... Read More »

How to build muscle mass on forearm?

Do forearm curls. Rest your arms on a table and have your hands hanging off of them and do curls

How to Gain Muscle Mass for Football?

Lots of people want to bulk up for football. Whether you are a lineman wanting to get bigger for the competitive edge or this is your first time playing and you want to be a formidable player right... Read More »