Trench Shoring Methods?

Answer Excavation can cause the sides of a trench to crack, slide, topple or subside. A variety of methods are used to shore it up and prevent the trench destroying itself and injuring any workers inside.... Read More »

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OSHA Shoring Depth Requirements?

Trenches and excavations are very common in construction work. However, they can be extremely dangerous to workers; a partial collapse of an excavation can easily be a fatal accident. The Occupatio... Read More »

How to Excavate a Trench?

Ditch for relocating a telephone line on a construction site.For minor ditches or trenches, simply using a shovel and setting about digging is sufficient, but for excavating a deep trench, often ne... Read More »

How to Be a Marianas Trench Fan?

Marianas Trench.Marianas Trench is an excellent punk/pop/alternative Canadian band. They play concerts regularly but their shows usually lead to juvenile behavior from fans. This article states how... Read More »

How to Dig a Sloped Trench?

Knowing how to dig a sloped trench in the right way can help provide extra drainage to your lawn or garden. If you have flat land and are surrounded by hills or property on higher ground, a sloped ... Read More »