Trees in the White Oak Family?

Answer The white oak family is one of two groups of oak trees common in North America, differentiated from the red oak family by certain features. Most of the white oaks, for example, have foliage featuri... Read More »

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White Elm Trees?

Ulmus americana or the white elm is also known as American or soft elm, among other names. White elm trees are susceptible to a wide number of serious diseases and pest problems. Do... Read More »

Information on White Oak Trees?

The white oak tree is a majestic tree with a lengthy existence on earth. It is not considered to be an endangered species. It is multifaceted, as it can grow in a variety of environments and atmosp... Read More »

When are white ash trees mature?

White ash trees reach maturity when the trees grow to 50 to 80 feet in height. White ash trees have a medium growing rate of about 2 feet per year. At this rate, it takes a white ash tree 25 to 40 ... Read More »

White Maple Trees?

Maple trees are famous for their beautiful fall displays and their subsequent leaf and seed mess. They are common in municipal plantings and deciduous forests. The tree has numerous cultivars and h... Read More »