Trees in Tropical Grasslands?

Answer Grasslands are on every continent except for Antarctica. Tropical grasslands, also known as savannas, dominate the landscape of Africa and also large regions of India, Australia and South America. ... Read More »

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Plants From the Tropical Grasslands?

Grasslands in tropical zones are most commonly called "savannas", from a Native American word for "plains." Savannas are in tropical wet/dry zones with only two distinct seasons. Plants need avera... Read More »

Types of Trees & Shrubs Found in African Grasslands & Savannas?

Low rainfall, porous soils and warm temperatures characterizes the savannas and grasslands, which cover almost 50 percent of the African continent. Although grasses constitute the main plant specie... Read More »

Tropical Evergreen Trees?

In northern climates, broad-leaf trees lose their leaves in response to cold temperatures and shorter days. In warmer, tropical climates, where day length varies little from season to season, trees... Read More »

Common Tropical Trees?

Common tropical trees are grown in backyards, municipal parks, fairways and office landscapes. Some tropical trees are favorites of homeowners, gardeners and landscapers. Tropical fruit trees like ... Read More »