Trees for Patio Pots?

Answer For patios, some trees are well suited for containers. These patio pot trees add variety to traditional window boxes and hanging baskets. The best trees for patios are those without long, spreadin... Read More »

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Ideas for Patio Pots?

Patio pots offer exciting possibilities for the home gardener, allowing those with limited yard space to grow everything from lemon trees to dahlias. Your patio can easily be transformed into a con... Read More »

Is it possible to grow blueberries in pots on a patio?

Answer yes if the pots are big enough and you take good care of them

Any British green thumbs out there: What are some seeds that are suitable to grow in pots on a patio or deck?

It's too late now but I love rockin' the fresh peas.Plant them in a pot with a few short canes and some netting.Just chuck a few dried peas (from Woolies :-( or Tesco) in some finger holes then whe... Read More »

How to Plant Orange Trees From Pots?

A member of the Rutaceae family, the orange tree grows to heights of 20 to 30 feet with a 20-foot spread at maturity. Considered evergreens, orange trees prefer to grow in the rich soils of USDA ha... Read More »